Articles/Book Chapters:

“Flusser’s Sonic Modernity” in Flusser Studies 33 – Flusser’s Modernity (May 2022)
“Sonic Cyberfeminisms: Introduction.”
Co-authored with Marie Thompson. Feminist Review. Issue 127(1) Pages 1-12. (2021)
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“Sounding Situated Knowledges – Echo in Archaeoacoustics” in parallax Special Issue ‘Sounding / Thinking’ Vol 23, Issue 3. Ed. By James Lavender. (2017)
“The dimension of sound in Flusser – Implications for a sonic media archaeology” in Media & Gestures. Special Issue of MAP: media – archive – performance. ed. by Barbara Büscher and Jana Horáková (2016)
GenDyTrouble: Cyber*Feminist Computer Music in n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal. SOUND?NOISE!VOICE! (vol 37, Jan 2016)
Lexicon entries “Music”, “Chamber Music”, “Hörigkeit” in Flusseriana, An Operational Toolbox, edited by Siegfried Zielinkski, Peter Weibel, and Daniel Irrgang. Univocal Press (2015)
“Myths of Echo – Sound Art and Archaeoacoustics” in  Archaeoacoustics: The Archaeology of Sound: Publication of Proceedings from the 2014 Conference in Malta. Volume 1. (2014)
“Was ist generative Kunst?” co-authored with Constantin Engelmann in “positionen: Texte zur aktuellen Musik” (2014)
“The Dimension of Sound in Flusser.” Flusser Studies Volume 17. (2014)
“Introduction: Music and Sound in Vilém Flusser’s Work.” Editors Introduction. Co-authored with Marta Castello Branco & Rodrigo Maltez Novaes.  Flusser Studies Volume 17. (2014)
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“Electronic Voice Phenomena – a C21st Sonic Fiction” in Acoustic Space #11 – Techno Ecologies, edited by Eric Kluitenberg and Rata Smite (2012)

Selected Essays/interviews:
“Science Fiction, Speculative Feminism, and the Violence of Colonialism: Listening to an Extremely Grainy Photograph” Co-authored with Uzma Z. Rizvi in Coming to Know, volume 2 of the series An Archaeology of Listening, edited by Nida Ghouse and Brooke Holmes. Truccazano, Milan, Italy: Archive Books, 2022, 54-65, 69.
“Lights Out at the White Supremacist Theory Disco” co-authored with Anthony Iles, Ultimate Leisure Workers’ Club Reader (2021)
Appropriating the Alien: A Critique of Xenofeminism
in Mute Magazine (July 2019)
“Why Sonic Cyberfeminisms?” in ARRAY International Computer Music Association (ICMA) Journal. (2017)
“Migrational Listening” in The Sound of Cultures, The Culture of Sound (SOCCOS) Publication (2016)
“GenDyTrouble: Cyber*Feminist Computer Music” in Sound::Gender::Feminism::Activism (SGFA) Zine. (2016)
White Brothers With No Soul – Untuning the historiography of Berlin Techno. An Interview with Alexander G. Weheliye. CTM Festival Magazine (2015)
“Sonic Anomalies. An Interview with Eberhard Bauer and Michael Schetsche at Freiburg’s Anomalies Research Institute (IGPP).” CTM Festival Magazine (2015)
Sonic Cyberfeminism and Its Discontents.” CTM Festival Magazine (2014)
“To Program and To Be Programmed.” Offline Samizdat, Issue “Reasons” (2014)