electromagnetic microcosm (2012)

Installation object – plexiglas, transducer, electromagnets, computer, microcontroller, electronics, electro- magnetic sensors.

The effects of electromagnetic environments on the human body are far from exhaustively researched yet electromagnetic fields exist omnipresently. Aside from uses in telecommunication via AM/FM radio, mo- bile phones, wireless internet, radar etc, experimental theories about electromagnetism range from ELF (extremely low frequency) emissions instigated by governments for controlling weather and human mood, to postulations about the human consciousness itself as an electromagnetic field (McFadden 2002). The work “electromagnetic microcosm” is based within this ambiguous context. In particular, changes in elec- tromagnetic fields nearby are read in real-time and portrayed on the object visually as well as auditively.

The work “electromagnetic microcosm” is an experiment and a gesture, postulating a link between a “life force” as examined variously in theories such as Wilhelm Reich‘s „orgone energy“ and electromagnetic fields. The unknown, as represented by the short-comings of human sensory experience is compared with the unknown, of that which still remains inconclusive in contemporary scientific knowledge.

Exhibited at “It Is Only a State of Mind,” Heidelberger Kunstverein (HDKV) & Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK) Berlin (March-April 2013; November 2013-February 2014); klangstaetten | stadtklaenge, Allgemeine Konsumverein Braunschweig (October 2012); Lebensräume, Ars Electronica, Linz (August-September 2012); Limited Limitedlessness, LEAP Berlin (July 2012).