CTM Festival Discourse Programme

Guest curator 2013, 2016 &2017 and co-curator 2014 & 2015 of CTM Festival’s Discourse Programme.

“Against Neutrality – What Can A Decolonized Dancefloor Do?” CTM Festival. (February 2017)
Contributions by: Ayesha Hammed “Black Atlantis” (lecture); Noah Sow “Radio Meta: A Major Intervention”; Panel: Diana Arce, Mic Oala, nkisi, Aerea Negrot, Kiddy Smile. Moderated by madison moore.

“female:pressure: Music & Awareness for the Rojava Revolution” CTM Festival. (February 2016)
Contributions by: Hevî (DE), İpek ipekcioglu, BerlInIstan (TR/DE), Antye Greie-Ripatti (Hailuoto) (DE/FI), Rojava representatives.

“Archaeoacoustics – Sound, Myths and Meanings of the Ancient” CTM Festival. (February 2015)
Contributions by: Iegor Reznikoff (lecture); Paul Devereux (lecture); Rupert Till (lecture); Panel: Maria Witek, Sam Auinger, Paul Devereux, Iegor Reznikoff and Rupert Till. Moderated by Annie Goh.

“Sound, Gender, Technology. Where To? With Cyberfeminism” CTM Festival. (February 2014)
Contributions by: Tara Rodgers (keynote lecture); Panel: Sadie Plant, Marie Thompson, Fender Schrade, Susanne Kirchmayr. Moderated by Annie Goh.

“The Death of Rave” day of panel discussions CTM Festival. (February 2013)
Contributions by: Mark Fisher, Lee Gamble, Alex Williams, Steve Goodman. Moderation: Lisa Blanning; Tom Lamberty, Felix Denk, Johnnie Stieler, Alexandra Droener, Ulrich Gutmair; Christoph Fringeli, Tony Marcus, Luke Robert Mason, Dan O’Hara; screening of commissioned video works by 0rphan Drift.